A Guide to Bariatric Surgery

Sometimes referred to as sleeve or vertical sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve surgery allows patients to lose excess weight by reducing the size of their stomachs. According to the CDC, more than 15% of adults in America are obese. Before receiving the surgery, one must be 80 to100 pounds overweight, depending on their gender. If a person is considering this treatment, they should know these factors before undergoing bariatric surgery dallas.
Health Concerns Related to Obesity If a patient suffers from obesity, they’re risking issues such as stroke, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Research shows that more than 110,000 people die each year from obesity-related health conditions. When a person’s obesity begins to negatively affect their health, a doctor may decide that bariatric surgery is the right option.

The Benefits of Sleeve Surgery To reduce a patient’s chances of serious health issues, the surgeon will take out 70 to 80 percent of their stomach and rework it into a thin, t…